“The Wave” emerges as a ‘must-see’ for anyone in Copenhagen

Video by Alex Manfredi and Kasper Delaney-Petersen

Article by Alex Manfredi

A popular installation part of Copenhagen’s Frost Festival 2018, “The Wave” sits on the Ofelia Plads dock near the harbor. It contains forty interactive triangles which are 4 meters tall. Visitors co-create the artistic experience as the sounds are altered by the human movement in the installation.

It can easily be seen from the Opera House and the harbor bridge, displaying a colorful addition to the harbor, especially at night time.


The reception of “The Wave” has exceeded expectations, according to Eva Lakso, the press contact for Frost Festival. Hundreds of people visit the captivating triangles each and every day. Many visitors are local Danish residents while many are tourists from all over the world as well.



“I am here in Copenhagen for a few days and was recommended that I come see this,” said Michael Kim, an Asian-American tourist. “I have never seen this many triangles, it is a must-see.”

In just one hour at “The Wave” visitors from the United States, Korea, Afghanistan and more were seen walking through the vibrant exhibit that has quickly become one of Copenhagen’s most popular photo spots.

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