LGBT Refugees Seek Help, Asylum in Denmark

By Holden Aguirre

Denmark is one of the first countries to grant refugees asylum on account of persecution suffered due to gender identity and sexual orientation.

While many LGBT refugees are granted asylum, many are still rejected.  LGBT Asylum, located in Copenhagen, offers services to LGBT refugees seeking protection in Denmark.

LGBT applicants experience difficulties when dealing with immigration officers, often times having the seriousness of the situation in their countries undermined or being asked uncomfortable, personal questions.

LGBT Asylum, in conjunction with other organizations like Sabaah, provide information and counseling to individuals who need assistance with getting through the applicant and interview process, hoping to increase their chances of success.

In 2013, with the help of LGBT Asylum, Fernanda Mìlan became the first trans-woman to be granted asylum in Denmark based on gender identity. This decision came just one week after Denmark granted asylum to a gay Afghan man because of his sexual orientation.

In 2012, Denmark adopted recommendations by the United Nations Refugee Commission stating sexual orientation and gender identity should be considered when granting asylum to refugees.

This article is intended for an American audience.