Yoko Ono partners with UN City Copenhagen, fusing art and Global Goals

By Sierra Lopez 

A written message from Yoko Ono is currently on display alongside a white canvas decorated with the word “yes” in a variety of languages. (Photo by Sierra Lopez 20 February 2018)


An art installation by Yoko Ono is currently on display in UN City Copenhagen and is expected to travel around parts of Europe and the United States. 

The piece titled “YES,” was developed in support of the 17 UN Global Goals to be reached by 2030. Instructions for those visiting the piece is to write “yes” in your own language, showing global backing for the goals developed by the UN. 

“Yoko has been an activist since the 50s and has a very good connection to our studio and artists,” says Siv Werner, Exhibition Coordinator for ART 2030. “She thought UN City was a diverse place with so many languages.” 

Ono paired the piece with a written message asking the public to “Say yes to a beautiful universe we will create.” 

The public may also participate via social media, posting photos to Instagram with #YESYokoOno captioned. 

What started out as a blank canvas in a lobby is now an art installation commemorating the 17 Global Goals set by the UN. (Photo by Sierra Lopez 20 February 2018)


Written for an American audience