Danish photographer and his ‘boys’ nominated for two upcoming photo awards

By Sierra Lopez  

Nikolai Linares, a Danish Photojournalist, has been nominated for both a World Press Award and the Danish Picture of the Year in the sports category. His photo series, “The Boys and the Bulls” follows the lives of young boys dreaming to one day become talented matadors.  

“I thought I was going to get the story of them being a young kid, a son of the mother. Somebody who falls asleep in front of the T.V. with their mother and father but that never happened,” says Linares. “They were just training for bullfighting all hours of the day.” 

Phone calls to multiple bullfighting schools in Spain led him to the boys from Almeria. After spending a week with his subjects, Linares was unsure he got his story but after revisiting his shots, the story of young dreamers was there the whole time. 

Linares says, “You never know what your story will be. You never know what people will say to you. When somebody tells you something that may change the perspective of the angle and how you want to tell the story.”  

The United States is considered one of the safest places to practice the sport due to it being bloodless, causing little harm to the animals protected by a Velcro patch on their backs.  

According to Linares, bullfighting is a dying piece of Spanish culture and the young boys he photographed may be the last trained bullfighters due to the belief bullfighting is inhumane.  


Written for an American audience