Swimming pools evacuated because of vomit and excrement

By Niels van Steijn

A lot of swimming pools in the capital region in Denmark are closed because of the pollution of the water. In 2017 traces of vomit and excrement in the water were the cause of having 28 pools closed in Copenhagen. The pollution of the water is not because the Danish people are ‘clean’, but it’s a consequence of baby swimming. “Children should get used to the water as soon as possible but apparently it has a negative side”, says the Copenhagen Post.  “It’s really annoying because we have to disappoint customers and tourists”, says Carsten Larsen to Politiken. Larsen is the head of the branch organisation covering swimming pools. According to Politiken, it is a big problem for the pools because it has to be completely evacuated and a trough cleaning has to be done. Al this cleaning – could- last 32 hours.