Danes taking separating waste to another level

By Niels van Steijn

In the Netherlands we think that they we are next level at sorting waste. Paper, glass and plastic are examples of separating waste in the Netherlands, but in Denmark they are taking it even more seriously. Since autumn last year, optional bio-waste sorting has been added to the list, and it’s working. “In august last year, 188 tonnes of biowaste was collected, and in December this was even more, namely 1066 tonnes”, writes the CPHPost.dk.

Ninna Headeager Olsen, the deputy mayor for Copenhages environment department likes it that it’s going this way: When it comes to biowaste, phosphorous and many other elements can be reclaimed when we sort our rubbish, and that is good for the environment”, she said to the Copenhagen Post.

In the Netherlands there is a discussion going on about deposit on little drinking cans and products like that. But in Denmark they have it already. We Dutch people are doing well but we could do be better.