Exhibition dedicated to Czech Rebellious artist in Arken

By Filip Platoš

A new exhibition about Czech Art Nouveau artist was revealed this month in Danish Museum of Moden Art Arken located in suburban area of Copenhagen. “When we present historical exhibitions here at ARKEN, we often look after a dialogue between the past and the present,” says Dea Antonsen, the curator of the exhibition. Now, almost 80 years since the artist passed away we can still see a relevance in many of his work’s topics – as a city life and nature or spirituality and materiality, which are easily relevant on today’s focus on ecology, sustainability or mindfulness.

The large-scale exhibition presents Mucha’s art from posters to photographs, design objects or jewelry. Mucha was in his work not only timeless but also rebellious. “In the time, where Mucha lived, art was very elitist and limited for the intellectuals and rich. Mucha worked against the conservative art dogma ‘art for art’s sake’ and wanted to bring beauty to the broader public. He wanted to transform society and life by the power of beauty and aesthetics. That is Mucha’s utopian and political impulse,” explains Antonsen. The exhibition can be seen in the museum until 3rd June 2018.

Arken Museum of Modern Art is located in Ishøj near Copenhagen. You can easily get there by car or a train.

Alphonse Mucha exhibition is divided into several parts.

Photo Credits: Filip Platoš