Budget Cut Means No Free Danish Language Course Anymore

By Maite Porras De Kwant

Lærdansk, the Danish national language school, offers free Danish language courses to international students who study in Denmark. But due a new tax plan the possibility to follow a free course for foreign students will be affected.

The Danish government have agreed to 5 billion kroner (673 million euros) of tax cuts, says Finance Minister Kristian Jensen. Starting from July 1 this year the foreigners will be charged 2,000 kroner (268 euros) for the module.

A former student of Lærdansk, Guus Foks, said he would not have done the language course if he would have to pay for it. The results of a survey conducted by Lærdansk show that Guus is not alone in this. 74% of the students would not be willing to pay for the Danish language courses.

“It means more or less a 50 percent reduction of the total amount of students at the school,” Principal of the Lærdansk school in Aarhus Marianne Jensen said. “And this will also result in a significant reduction in the number of staff members at Lærdansk”, thus Marianne Jensen. According to their website Lærdansk has 400 employees and 10,000 students.

(This story is written for a Dutch audiance and could be published on www.nos.nl)