Copenhagen attract young workers

By Victoria Reis  

 Shopping Street, by Victoria Reis


The welfare state and the Danish great economic attract people from all the places to move to Copenhagen, the Danish capital and largest city in the country. According to Danish Statistik almost 13 percent of the population is composed of immigrants or their descendants. What indicates that are 93,217 foreign living at count of Copenhagen today.  

According to the Copenhagen Capacity, Denmark’s membership of the European Union provides unrestricted access to a total EU market of 350 million people. Also, it is the number 1 Europe city for ease doing businesses 2012-2017, according to the World Bank.  

“It’s a really expensive city compare to Brazil. But once you start to work here is not bad. Even after the taxes, I earn more than double what I would be earning in Brazil. And working less hours too” said Felipe, who is living in Copenhagen since 2016 and came with AISEC internship. “Also, the TI market of here is excellent. When I finish this internship I’ll already have a place to work! So different than back home.” 

“I’m here to make some money. I work five days a week in the hostel and after taxes I earn 7000 kronos. It’s good for me because I don’t need to pay rent or bills. I finished my college here and I’m staying until I have enough money to move again.” Said Joao from Portugal, who works at the Copenhagen Downtown Hostel.  

This article was written for a Brazilian audience