Danish restaurants awarded with Michelin stars

By Rebekah Alvey

Two new Copenhagen restaurants received two Michelin stars last week.

In Copenhagen only one restaurant, Geranium, has been awarded three stars and three restaurants have been awarded two stars in the past.

The Michelin stars originated in 1900 to promote road trips in France according to a Business Insider article. The stars come from a Michelin guide book for a certain country or region. Denmark is included in the Nordic states guide book.

Michelin stars are considered one of the highest awards a chef or restaurant can receive. Three stars is the most a restaurant can receive, signifying it is a place worth traveling to.

The first guide to be released in America was centered in New York City in 2005. Since then it has expanded to San Francisco, CA, Washington DC and Chicago, IL.

Currently four states in the USA have received Michelin stars while 21 countries in Europe have received stars as of 2018 according to ViaMichelin.

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