DI’s Senior Advisor speaks about Danish Activities in Brazil


By Victoria Reis  

Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) is a business organization founded and driven by its member companies. The organization have been active in Brazil for many years and their activities include participating of many trade events, expos and trade motions.  

Brazil is an immense market with many opportunities for not only the large Danish companies, but also SME’s that deliver smart solutions within most sectors. At this point, it we see many positive indications of an increasingly healthy economy, and we are looking forward to increasing the activities we have on the Brazilian market as well as to the increased trade between our countries” said Peter Bay Kikergaard, Senior Advisor, International Market Policy of Danish Industri.  

Kikergaard also talked about the obstacles found in Brazil: “The Brazilian laws and regulation for opening and running a business in Brazil is a challenge for Danish companies. Without the excessive load of taxes and permits that foreign companies must comply with compared to local Brazilian companies, it would of course make it easier and a lot cheaper for Danish companies to enter the Brazilian market and it would create a more even competition. 

The Senior Advisor commented that the challenges also include the language barrier, the Brazilian legal system, taxes and infrastructure. However, his prospects about the DI’s activities in Brazil are still high. “The prospcects of concluding the EU-Mercosur trade negotiations are also very encouraging for Danish companies, as this will remove tariffs and creat easier access to the Brazilian market.” 


This article is written for a Brazilian public and could be publish at VEJA or GLOBO newspaper.