Travelers bring the music to Copenhagen streets

Beatričė Bankauskaitė

DENMARK, In the center of Copenhagen Strøget Street got crowded after 3 travelers started to play and spread their music around. Even cyclists stopped to listen how street musicians are mixing the sounds of homemade drums, sitar and electronic guitar.

Street musicians “KYABATE” play in Copenhagen


Drummer Manuel, 24, from Italy and two Argentinean – guitarist Franco, 28, and Sitar player Gaston, 28, started their journey in Barcelona some weeks ago and had only one idea – to get to the North and play music there.

“We like to play in the streets because it is open station, if people don’t want to stay here, it is okay – they just can keep walking,” explains Sitar player Gaston. The money, as he says, are not the main purpose, but if people want, they can buy a compact disk – CD.

People were moving, but musicians were not alone, there were surrounded by interested people all the time. Gaston says that there are some differences in how people react to their street performances in Denmark and other countries, but he also thinks that it depends more not on the country, but the city and the place where they play.

“Here are more older people, but they like it, and maybe when you go to Berlin, there are a lot of crazy people, but also they are very used to see the street musicians, so you don’t have the same feedback as here” Gaston tells.

However, after the security guard appeared and said that music is too loud, group “KYABATE” had to move and find another place to play. Gaston was smiling and said that this is not a problem for them.

Before Denmark the group has visited France, Switzerland and Germany. What time they are leaving and what will be the next stop, travelers still don’t know.

Franco from Argentina

Gaston from Argentina

Manuel from Italy












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