Have you ever seen your City through the eyes of a refugee?

Since two years refugees show tourists around in their city. Photo: Sina Götz


2,3 million refugees are living in Europe right now. A nonprofit project gives them the opportunity to share their view of their new home and tell their story.

By Sina Götz

Copenhagen – For two years now refugees are working as tour guides in Copenhagen and Berlin and showing locals and tourists around in their City. The idea was born in Berlin.

Lorena, a tour guide in the capital of Germany, wanted to give those who are so often talked about but rarely listened a platform. Therefore, she founded the nonprofit project “Refugee Voices Tour”.

One of the refugees who is working as a tourguide in Copenhagen is Aden. She is a 32-yearold women from Eritrea. “I am not allowed to work, because I am waiting for my admission to stay here for almost seven years”, she explained.

Therefore she was happy, when she heard about the project in her community center. “I am doing a lot of activities to not feeling bored. One of them is showing people around in Copenhagen”. Aden had to do a workshop, there she was taught how to be a tourguide for eight weeks. “Now I am telling the people my story and show them around in the historic district”.

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