Update: Denmark’s Face Veil Ban

By Sara Denk

Denmark’s face veil ban made global headlines over the summer. The debate continues amid protests in Copenhagen.

Marches have been organized by a group called Kvinder I Dialog, which translates to Women in Dialogue. The group’s goal is to engage with the general population on issues like the face veil ban.

“Politicians need to know that the fight has not stopped,” Alli Ceja, a member of Kvinder I Dialog said. “We will continue to fight for our niqab and against Islamophobia in policy.  

The first major protest took place on August 1.

Protesters took to the streets dressed in a variety of face-coverings, ranging from masks made of Danish flags and bunny masks to the traditional burqa and niqab that are the subject of dispute. 

Photos courtesy of Ahmet Üzümcü of the Danish Islamic Center Administration.

There is another protest planned for October 2.

In the meantime, Islamic women seek support at the Danish Islamic Center.
Photo by Sara Denk.

“Women who wear niqab have been more insecure in their daily life,” said Üzümcü. “Still, Islamic women continue to visit the center wearing niqab — even after the ban.”


This article is written for an audience from the United States that is interested in staying updated on social justice issues. It could be published on newint.org.