Copenhagen: Home of the World’s First Mooning Gallery

Text and photos by Sara Denk. Video by Sara Denk and Stephanie Harris.

Black and white photos of butts line the walls of a small three-room gallery called Rumpegalleriet, which translates to Rump Gallery, downstairs in the half-basement level of a quaint Copenhagen side street.

Viewers are encouraged to participate by offering up their own bare bottoms for photograph. The gallery then makes 28 limited edition prints and sells them for a charity of the butt owner’s choice.

The Rumpegalleriet uses this amusing concept of mooning for charity, love and money as the vision that inspires their studio space.

The photos currently on display were taken by Kim Wyon, who founded Rumpegalleriet in 2015.

“The photos use juxtaposition of bare bottoms combined with flags of all different countries, from Denmark to the United States,” Wyon said.

Beginning June of this year, the gallery will feature a new exhibit by Kirina Waliczek. It will be her first public art exhibition. She will blend the ongoing theme of mooning and flags with her own focus on the display of emotions and intimacy.

Rumpegalleriet is participating in this year’s Golden Days Festival from September 8 to 23.

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