Udstilling: Bagsider

by Stephanie Harris

For only 100 DKK, visitors of the “Udstilling: Bagsider” event at the Golden Days Festival will be able to see something that has never been seen before.

As one of the most popular and well known museums in Denmark, the National Gallery of Denmark has decided to take part in the ‘Golden Days’ festival.

Explaining the event, Martin Vestergaard stated, ”The national gallery is doing a show where they flip some of the pictures, so they actually showcase a variety of pictures where there is something on the backside of the painting.”

The gallery has always been a place that attracts visitors from all over to come and visit it, and the festival will be no exception. Staying along with the theme of ‘B-sides’, the National Gallery will have a chance to attract many visitors and provide an opportunity for them to see art from a whole new perspective.

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