The First City to Become Carbon Neutral by 2025

Denmark’s capital prides itself in being the most livable green city in the world and its plans to adapt to climate change are leading the way for other cities around the world.

Denmark reached the world record of producing over 40% of energy solely by wind turbines in 2017.

Photo and text by: Lauren Gee

Copenhagen created a city-wide plan (CPH 2025) dedicated to going carbon neutral.  Carbon neutrality doesn’t mean cutting down CO2 emissions by 100%, rather it means reducing and replacing power with green energy.  

Some CPH 2025 initiatives include increasing district heating, implementing more wind turbines, and turning waste into energy.

Denmark is already leading the way in producing cheaper renewable energy by switching from coal power plants to wind turbines which supply 43.4% of the country report the Danish Ministry of Energy, Utility and Climate. Copenhagen also hopes to replace coal power plants with waste-to-energy plants that generate district heating across the city.

With 7 more years to accomplish this plan, Copenhagen is ambitious in setting precedence for producing renewable energy.

CPH 2025 in summary