New plan aims to save the bees on Frederiksberg

A councilman in the city council of Frederiksberg has proposed that the municipality should aim to become “bee-friendly”. The proposal comes in a time where bees suffer a mass die-off which could have massive ecological consequences on a global scale.

By Emil Rosborg

According to Balder Mørk Andersen who made the proposition, the “bee-friendliness” would primarily focus on planting more bee-friendly plants and establishing insect-hotels in Frederiksberg in cooperation with the state.

The bee population has been in a global decline during the last decades, and this could have consequences for the ecological systems around the world. 80 to 90 percent of all plants globally relies on pollination from insects to some extent, says Yoko Dupont, pollination researcher at Aarhus Universitet, and adds that a bee-friendly municipality is a small step in the right direction:

“You have to start locally, because you can’t make rules for the whole world. It is good if you have a bee-friendly municipality because that is – nonetheless – quite a big area.”