Political Activist, Rachid Nekkaz asks for the Danish Prime Minister’s resignation.

Rachis Nekkaz accuses the Danish Prime Minister of involvement with the Taliban during his protest against the Burqa Ban.

By Ana Cano

The French millionaire and political activist, Rachid Nekkaz, arrived at the Copenhagen Parliament on the 11th of September to protest the burqa and Niqab ban in Denmark. However, one recurring topic of Nekkaz’ speech was the involvement of the Danish Prime Minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen, with the Taliban.

Lars Løkke Rasmussen posing with the Afghanistan Terrorist group in 1998. Photo given by Nekkaz as part of the press release.


According to Nekkaz, the Prime Minister supported the Afghanistan terrorist group back in 1998 with 80,000 euros and promoting their beliefs against women freedom. He is now repeating this same pattern by stripping Muslim women living in Denmark from their freedom to decide what to wear.

Now, Nekkaz is giving an ultimatum to the Prime Minister. “If he does not resign within one week I will gather an Afghanistan group and call the universal court of appeals and human rights and make an accusation towards him… to be accused of financing terrorism in Afghanistan.”

To this date, Lars Løkke Rasmussen has not given an answer to this ultimatum.