Copenhagen after new law: Criminal gang disappeared from streetscape


A hoodie with the now banned Loyal to Familia logo

A new law targeting only criminal street gang Loyal to Familia (LTF) was applicable from 4th of September and since then Copenhagen Police hasn’t seen their logo in the streets.

By Jeppe Mikkelsen

New legislation serves fines or jailtime for renting accommodation to LTF, supporting the gang financially and for wearing the LTF skull-logo.

Riad Tolba, press responsible for Copenhagen Police, explains that there used to be public areas in the city where it wasn’t unusual to see the skull-printed black hoodies, but the new law seems to have wiped them off the street.

“After the legislation we haven’t seen people wearing the logo. The public areas where LTF were representing have been scanned and Copenhagen Police found no violations of the new law,” said Tolba.

The new law has, however, been in use outside of the capital.

The story is written for an audience anywhere outside of Denmark, but probably primarily Norway and Sweden as they have also had problems with gangs like this in ‘the Great Nordic Biker War’.
The story could be published in ‘Dagens Nyheter’ or on bbc/world.