The 100 Year Old Design

The bicycle design is a classic model that took 58 years to perfect.

By: Jacqueline Pinedo

E-bikes are gaining popularity amongst the Danish biking community for their ability to reach speeds of up to 20 MPH with very little effort, and although a new phase of bicycles is entering the cycling world, the classic bicycle design still remains the same.

Danish Bicycle Culture

Over the summer, the Danish Parliament approved e-bikes throughout the streets of Denmark. According to the European Bicycle Trade Journal, Bike Europe, sales in e-bikes within Denmark and nordic countries has boomed by 50% since 2017.

Architect and owner of WeCycle, Haker Thorr specializes in refurbishing vintage style bicycles. WeCycle is popular amongst bike enthusiasts in Copenhagen who follow the niche market of vintage style bicycles.

“E-bikes are the future,” said Thorr. “But old bikes will always stick around.”

Haker Thorr working on a bicycle at WeCycle in Copenhagen.

The Bike Frame

A bicycle can vary in style ranging from size to building materials, such as bamboo, steel and wood. However, the classic bicycle design with two wheels, a frame and pedals has stuck around since the bicycle was conceptualized in 1890.

“The bicycle frame has not changed from 100 year old bikes” said Thorr. “The frame was probably bigger and higher back then, but now we have bikes according to peoples height which was a thing that didn’t exist before.”