Techfestival; Bringing Together Humans and Technology

The “TechFestival” is an international non-profit event, which is open to those of all backgrounds who share an interest in the technological advances of today’s world. It invites those eager to create and inspires conversation on the ever-changing future of technology.

By Clíona Perrick

The festival is designed to create an inspiring space for those tech-savvy individuals and companies to mingle with one another. It allows them to explore the emerging technologies and how these are impacting society- says Marie Louise Gørvild The Festival Director of Techfestival.

“The festival largely focuses on an international aspect as it’s designed as a participatory platform for around the world, this year saw over 250 hosts from across the globe”.

A Way Forward

The festival is heading on a tour across Europe and the USA, with the festival being interested in more stops along the way- says Marie Louise Gørvild.

The festival allows the opportunity to curiously examine emerging technologies and how they impact our societies, The Copenhagen Catalogue which exhibits the output made at the festival by technologist from over 30 countries in Copenhagen. It exhibits 150 different principles for a new direction in tech.

Target Audience; Irish audience age 16-30, the possibility of the festival coming to Dublin.