‘Niqab Protest’ without Niqab : A French millionaire’s lonely shout

By Hyun Joon Lee

On September 11, Rachid Nekkaz, a French businessman and human rights activist, held a demonstration against so-called the anti-Niqab fines at Christianborg Palace in Copenhagen. It was expected that many women wearing Burca or Nicaq will come and join to the demonstration.

Rachid Nekkaz is surrounded by the press people. Photo by Hyun Joon Lee


Interestingly, in the situation, there were no women in Niqab. Instead, the square was crowded with media people.

“The reason women didn’t come to this place is that they afraid of going to jail for 7 to 14 days”, Nekkaz said. He even depicted Danish Prime minister as a dictator as like king of Saudi Arabia who has suppressed women’s right.

Otto Fraenkel is yelling against the protest, Photo by Hyun Joon Lee


On the other hand, there was a citizen of Copenhagen named Otto Fraenkel(64) who yelled “no to such protest in Denmark” against the protest.

“For the social integration, the law about banning Burqa is necessary”, Freankel said.


Rachid Nekkaz promised he will visit Denmark every month until the Bill has been deregulated. He could pay the fine for women, however, he cannot be imprisoned instead of women. The development of the situation is being watched with keen interest.


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