Copenhagen by day, Malmö by night

By Ben Snider-McGrath

Every day, thousands of people travel from Malmö to Copenhagen for work.

This commute is made possible by the Øresund Bridge, which connects the two cities.

Back in 2000, when the bridge was opened, Malmö citizens took note of this easy trip, and the number of Swedes commuting to Copenhagen rose sharply until 2008, peaking at over 19,000 commuters, according to the Øresund Institute.

Since 2008, these numbers have decreased, but today there are still over 13,000 people who make the daily trip.

Thousands of people take the train from Malmö to Copenhagen every day.
(Photo: Ben Snider-McGrath)


David Ostevall works and lives in Copenhagen today, but he made the commute from Malmö for several years before relocating to the Danish capital.

“It was much cheaper to live in Malmö,” Ostevall said. “I only moved to Copenhagen when I met my girlfriend.”

The cost of living plays a large role for many commuters, and although the gap between the two cities has grown smaller in recent years, according to Expatistan (a website which compares global living expenses), it is still 29 per cent cheaper to live in Malmö.

If the cost of living continues to shrink in Copenhagen, the number of commuters from Malmö might, too. But for now, with thousands of people still crossing over to work in Copenhagen every day, it looks like the Øresund Bridge will continue to prove its worth to both countries.

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