Making gays “us”, not “the others”


Copenhagen has presented new LGBTI+ policy in the beginning of 2019, which contains 50 ideas how to make the city more gay-friendly. The concept of the policy is to make LGBTI+ people “us”, not “the others”. Gay guide was created to help people feel more comfortable in Copenhagen.

By Kseniia Mishina

Gay guide contains many public gay-friendly places: bars, clubs, clothes shops and sex shops. But doesn`t it separate gay people from straight? For many years LGBTI+ communities were fighting for their rights and equal access to what straight people have and do. Now it is a strong tendency to create special “gay places”. Gay bars and clubs are a common thing, but was is the reason of creating special restaurants, sex and clothes shops?

Rune Holm, who is sale assistant in gay-friendly sex shop, explains, why is it necessary to have such places: “The reason for making an LGBT-Friendly shop is to create a safespace, for likeminded people, where you don’t have to worry about being judged for who you are. All are welcome at our shop. Gays, straights and everything in between – same goes for the LGBT bars and cafes. Again it’s only meant as a safespace, where you can be intimate with you partner or date without being worried about what others think”.

Target audience: this story is written for Russian audience (who is quite homophobic) and could be published on in section “Analyses” (this media has special “cards” to explain issues which are not very well known in Russia or other controversial topics)