International Schools in Copenhagen have not enough places

It`s been almost have a year since Princess Marie opened new building of Denmark’s first public international school – European School of Copenhagen. It is the only international school in Copenhagen which has Nursery, Primary and Secondary in one school and where studying is free.

By Kseniia Mishina

Mette Sophie Viuff Skærlund, who is Head of Department of Secondary, says that school does not have nearly enough places for all the applicants. Each year there are around 250 applicants for 56 places in Nursery class alone. All existing classes are full as well so many applicants are not accepted both to Primary and Secondary.

According to the school`s website, “the European Schools must first and foremost ensure schooling and education of children of EU institution staff members. This means that approximately 20% of the places are assigned to this group of applicants. The remaining places are allocated according to the admission criteria”. These criteria means that it is almost impossible to enter the school for a regular child. It is a problem of Copenhagen as an international capital.

European Schools usually have English, French and German section, because these languages are the official working languages in the EU. School in Copenhagen now has Danish and English sections only. “It’s not compulsory for accredited schools to offer all three sections, but it was decided from the beginning that there should be at least three sections. French was chosen based on the fact that there are more French speaking people in the Copenhagen area than German”, Mette Sophie Viuff Skærlund says.

According to her opinion, visiting European School does not prevent pupils from being well-integrated into danish society:  “They speak Danish in the After School Care and are well integrated with students from the Danish section as well. It’s therefore possible to get the best of both worlds and not a question of integration vs. non-integration”.

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