Increasing global interest about Denmark

People in the world are fascinated by Danes’ life style

By  Jaeyoung Hong

25th, February, 2019

Interest about Denmark is increasing nowadays. According to the Guardian, a global travel guidebook ‘The lonely planet’ had Copenhagen ranked first as the city people should visit last October. South Korean TV show ‘Pocha beyond borders’ (‘Pocha’ is Korean word meaning car bar) also had visited Copenhagen and introduced Denmark. The reason why people are interested in Denmark is ‘Hygge’.

Annual analysis on the search volume for Hygge all over the world // Source : Google trend

It seems because the balance between working and life is becoming much important in South Korea. “Hygge has much thing to learn because it is close to wolabal(New coinage in South Korea meaning balance between working and life) that we seek” Moon Jae-in, President of South Korea, said when he met the queen Margrethe the second last October.

This trend is not just for South Korea. “Of course I love my country, but I love the life style of Denmark that respects personal life of every single person and their wonderful social welfare system” Flora Sarkadi, who moved from Hungary to Denmark to get a job, said.

Evening of Copenhagen // Photo taken by Jaeyoung Hong


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