A bridge between Denmark and South Korea

Bruce Kim who opened his Korean restaurant to be a bridge between Denmark and South Korea is diversifying his business to media business


By Jaeyoung Hong

25th, February, 2019

There is a man who is selling ‘Bibimbap’(mixed rice) and ‘Hotteok’(Korean pancake) in Copenhagen. Bruce Kim(Kim Hee-Wook) arrived in Denmark 9 years ago as an exchange student. I met him near his restaurant (he expressed that they are running the restaurant ‘together’) ‘KOPAN rice’ on 22nd, February.

According to him, Danes’ awareness about Korean food is not much changed yet. It is restricted to not the whole food culture but some ingredients of Korean food. He guesses that it is because the high culture of South Korea was not introduced yet. However the South Korean media started to getting interested in his business.

Bibimbap of KOPAN // Photo taken by Jaeyoung Hong


“After being introduced on several TV shows or newspapers, we could notice the influence of media. However we wanted to publish our own story that not depended on others’ agenda. That’s one of the reasons why we created Naked Denmark, our media company.” Kim said. He is running a media company called Naked Denmark delivering the local news of Denmark to South Korean people in Korean also.

He is focusing on the value of mobility and wants to be a ‘mobilizer’ who encourages other people to move to diverse countries. “I believe moving to other countries gives us new stimulation. However it is difficult actually because of some conditions like housing and earning a living. So I want to make business to let it easy to move to other countries in someday” he said.

Bruce Kim(Kim Hee-wook) // Photo taken by Jaeyoung Hong


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