Copenhagen municipality to write documents in gender-neutral language


Author: Emma DiMaggio

According to the policy “An equal part of the community,” which was passed by the Copenhagen municipality this year, city employees will be encouraged to write documents in gender-neutral language.

According to the policy, this move is a stride towards the inclusion of transgendered and queer citizens to reflect the city’s diversity.

The city of Copenhagen is the largest municipality in the country, with over 600,000 residents. The policy reflects the municipalities goal to take responsibility for the well-being of all LGBTI+ residents living in the city.

“Nothing comes from one day to another,” longtime LGBT Denmark volunteer Vivi Jelstrup said. “But [one day] it will be possible to talk about things you’re not used to talking about, in your workplace, with people who you’re not very close to, and I think that’s important.”

Target Audience: This story was created for an American audience, specifically that of California which is particularly active in LGBTQIA+ rights. It could be published on Los Angeles’s main LGBT news outlet.