Mads Vegas presented the most popular works of the Copenhagen Light Festival

Katka Cajankova

Feb. 26, 2019

The Copenhagen Light Festival lit up the winter nights in February. The festival featured around 40 light works from tens of artists. Danish light designer Mads Vegas presented the most popular works of festival.

The Copenhagen Light Festival, which took place from February 1 to 24, illuminated streets, buildings, bridges as well as canals in Copenhagen every night.

Vegas has been working with lights for the last 20 years, producing installations for theaters, social events as well as for public spaces.

Eternal Sundown by Mads Vegas shines from sunset to sunrise. Photo: Katka Cajankova

His works presented at the Copenhagen Light Festival have become the most popular on social networks. One of them is an illuminated bridge called Eternal Sundown. The Eternal Sundown consists of 142 colored fluorescent lamps and a laser.

„This artwork reminds us that the much-needed sunlight soon returns,“ said Vegas.

Even though the festival is over, you can see this artwork until March 1.

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