The first bistro with fluffy blinis was opened in Copenhagen

By Katka Cajankova

Feb. 26, 2019

Small fluffy pancakes called blinis can be served with a variety of salty and sweet ingredients. This is a favorite delicacy preparing most often for parties. The first bistro with this cute meal has been opened in Copenhagen.

Mulgeo is the first place in Copenhagen where you can taste delicious blinis. Photo: Katka Cajankova


Mulgeo is the new family-run food concept located at Torvehallerne in Copenhagen. They serve a menu based on the blinis topped with local, seasonal ingredients.

„Mulgeo means to extract in latin. In our concept we extract the best of the vity we live in, the best of the people we work with and the sustainable way of consuming hyper local food,“ explained CEO of Mulgeo Anastasia Valentin Rasmussen on the website.

The main aim of this pop-up bistro is to ‚make every customer’s day special’ and also to introduce new ingredients and their combination.

„We introduced a concept where you can eat festively everyday,“ said Anastasia.

Mulgeo has been opened since early February. You have 3 months for tasting this delicious snack, then the doors of Mulgeo will be closed.

This story is written for the tourists who are coming to Copenhagen. It could be published on as a tip for original place where to eat.