Denmark and Korea celebrate anniversary

2019 will be celebrated as the year of culture, as Denmark and South Korea mark the 60 year jubilee of the official diplomatic relations between the countries.

By: Rasmus Schaal

Even though Denmark and South Korea are split by over 8.000 kilometers, there is a strong bond between the two countries.

Thomas Lehmann, the Danish ambassador in South Korea, argues that despite the distance the two countries are very similar, and says that it is a big factor in cooperation, as it creates a common starting point.

“Both Denmark and South Korea are open economies that have been very succesful by prioritizing innovation, research, development and free trade. Both Denmark and South Korea are the homes of an array of global innovative companies such as Samsung, Hyundai-Kia, LG, Maersk, Novo Nordic and Lego, just to name a few,” he says.