Lights-festival to drag Copenhagens citizens outdoor

When February 1 hit the Danish capital, it marked the initiation of the Copenhagen Light Festival 2019. Mayor of culture believes it could play a role in reaching municipal targets.

Synthetic Icicles by Chaos Engine consists of 9 incandescent Icicles attached underneath the roof of Musiktorvet. Each Icicle contains 500 RGB diodes spread over 2,5 meter long LED strips. photo: LIGHT FESTIVAL

By: Rasmus Schaal

Franciska Roskilde, mayor of culture in Copenhagen Municipality, believes that the Copenhagen Light festival is a way to get people to spend more time outdoors.

”Copenhagen Light Festival literally creates light in the Copenhagen winter darkness. The festival challenges our urge to stay inside the living rooms and entices us into the urban space, where art gives us a shot of cultural vitamins and a new experience of the city,” she says.

And if that’s true, the growing success of the festival since last year will only play into the municipalitys goal of getting citizens of Copenhagen to spend 20 percent more time outdoors by 2020.