Let Earth educate the next generations

Film-screening and discussions of a new Danish award-winning documentary “NaturePlay- take childhood back” will be held on the 26th of February.

by Yemen Al Fadel

It promotes the idea of “Forest schools” by showing the importance of connecting children to nature instead of keeping them locked all day in classrooms. The film addresses the problem of the abusing education system in the U.S and it highly suggests for US schools to change their system to fewer test preparation and more outdoor activities.

“There is a dangerous beast on the prowl, ready to prey on your children”, a quote mentioned in the movie that emphasises on the idea that children will be mostly harmed when locked in the hallways and classrooms of U.S schools.

Besides the negative facts of the U.S system, the movie shows how the Danish method “udeskole” system work along with its advantages.

“The message behind the movie is that playing outside for long periods of time is beneficial and should be a normal part of a child’s education. It should be the right of every child”, said Claudia McLean.

NaturePlay – Take Childhood Back


Audience: the families and parents that register their children in U.S schools or/and the Ministry of education in the United states.