A safer choice for consumers – Danish pork enters Chinese market

Danish pork will be allowed in the Chinese market in 2019, giving the consumers more choices when the African Swine Fever spread virally in China.

By Vanesse

According to the Ministry of Environmental and Food of Denmark, they are planning to export Danish meat to China. Denmark, as the largest pork exporter in Europe, is now expanding its pork industry to the rest of the world.

Tulip Food Company, which a subsidiary of Danish Crown, is planning to export canned pork and sausages in the Chinese market. The company sees a lot of potential in the expanding Chinese market.

“It clearly marks a breakthrough for Danish food exports. China is an extremely interesting market, and we already have agreements in place with partners wanting to sell our products. Therefore, I expect the first container to be shipped off within the next few weeks” said Kasper Lenbroch, the CEO of the Tulip Food Company.

The qualified Danish pork gives confidence to some Chinese citizens.‘Yes, I would choose to eat Danish pork. Although it is more expensive, the quality is ensured. I am afraid of the pig disease spreading in China,’ said Miss Li, a housewife from China.