City of bikes

Taking a walk in the streets of Copenhagen, there is one aspect of the city no eye can cross over.

By Lazaros Theodoridis

Riding bikes in Nyhavn, Copenhagen | Photo taken by Lazaros Theodoridis

The biking culture in Copenhagen has been increasingly occupying the city’s roads, as bikes became as many as 5 times more than cars in 2016

The surprising realization is that tourists and foreign travellers seem to get hold of the local perspective and choose to rent a bike for their short or longer stay in the danish capital.

Copenhagen is the cycling city” says the manager at Copenhagen Bicycles, Monika Mechovska.

The majority of the customers is composed by foreign tourists and “also danish tourists from Aalborg, Aarhus and Odense” she adds.

The manager concludes that “tourists rent the bike mainly for three hours, one or two days and comparing how much you will spend on metro and public transport then renting a bike is cheap.”



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