Danish vegetarians and vegans

The vegan trend has been going mainstream worldwide appealing to new followers as Copenhagen is considered a vegan friendly city.

By Lazaros Theodoridis

Different colored tomatoes | Photo taken by Scanpix.dk

Approximately 140000 of the danish people live on a vegetarian diet excluding all kinds of meat and products that came from the slaughtering of animals.

The main causes for people starting and keeping a whole or more flexible vegetarian diet are health benefits and decrease of the environmental footprint, whereas vegans would primarily suggest animal ethics to be the most important reason for eating a plant based diet.

When I became vegan it was about the ethics and I didnt know about vegans until I studied nutrition” says Isabella Tatiana Béatrice Earthling, member of the Vegan Change group based in Copenhagen.

One simple way to begin a vegan diet is the 22 days challenge, that is set to be enough time to reduce most of the meat and the animal products cravings.

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