Music never ends in Copenhagen

Music never ends in Copenhagen

By Vanesse

Copenhagen nightlife never let you down. It offers a diverse music culture and different parties for you over the weekends.

The clubs Ahora and La Boucherie hosted Reggaeten Party last Thursday night in Denmark’s energetic capital, playing lots of Latino music. People enjoyed the party til the sun comes up and forget the world outside for a moment.

Denmark is known for their party culture. In February, there are Anders Fjeldsted Sextet and the Reggaeten Party; and of course, in June and July, there will be Rosklide, one of the biggest music festival in Europe. Music in Copenhagen are diverse and inclusive, there are latino music, EDM and classical

“Danish people are party animals. We enjoy dancing and music. This is our lifestyle”, said Tore, a Danish guy.

“It [the music here] makes me feel like back home” said Daniel, a Rumanian who joined the Reggaeten Party.

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