Loppen: A bug on the wall of a music venue

By Adam Murphy

Loppen shares the rules of Christiania, where no hard drugs are allowed in the district and any who disobey would be punished. (Photo credits: personal)

On the edge of Christiania, lies the alternative music venue Loppen, both focusing on alternative music and alternative management. 

With five main employees and approximately 60 volunteers, Loppen has no head boss and is similar to Christiania’s own consensus democracy. They have meetings weekly where they decide things for the venue and everyone is on an even playing field. 

“We don’t have trouble with our neighbors,” Loppen booking agent Jasper Jensen said. “People here have been living here for many years and start getting older and more keen on noise. We don’t have much restrictions. We have the same rules as any venue in Copenhagen.”

Loppen is connected to not just Christiania but Copenhagen as a whole. Volunteers and attendees come from all over the city to the venue and enjoy the indie music scene.