Interns at UN in sit-down protest

At noon on the 20th of February, interns sat down in the main hall of the UN city in Copenhagen, to protest unpaid internships.


By Lasse Bækhus

“Unpaid is Unfair” says the banner above the increasing number of interns sitting on the floor and eating their lunch. The sit-down protest is to oppose unpaid internships.


“It is not only unfair to the people in the building, that are doing unpaid work, but as much about the people who are not in the building, who will never get that chance, because they do not have the financial position to afford working for free.” Says Anna Carthy, who’s a partnerships Intern at the Africa Regional Office at UNOPS.


Anna Carthy is fortunate enough to be remunerated by her agency and receive a stipend to cover the most essential of expenses for living and eating.

“I am extremely privileged and part of a small minority in this building,” she says.