Inequality inside the UN

Internships and work experience is not worth the same in all corners of the UN.


Maude Plucker (left) will only have half her internship count as work experience. While Anna Carthy (right) will have her entirety of her internship count.


By Lasse Bækhus

The interns working in the UN are getting treated very differently depending on what UN agency they’re working for. Work experience is important when applying for a job in UN’s agencies, but some agencies don’t consider internships as work experience, even if you’ve been an intern a full year inside that agency.

“If you work for WHO, your internship doesn’t count as work experience at all. Other agencies count half while some consider all your internship as work experience. It raises the question, what the value of our work is,” says Maude Plucker, intern at UNHCR.

These inequalities where some of the conditions that Maude and other interns opposed in a sit-down protest inside the UN city in Copenhagen.

“It defies the values of the United Nations,” says Maude on an ending note.