Indians protesting in Copenhagen after suicide attack in Kashmir

Indian expats in Denmark are not staying silent after a suicide attack in the Kashmir region and came together to protest. “Tensions have risen since a suicide car bombing by Pakistan-based armed group, Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM), in Indian-administered Kashmir on February 14”, according to a report by Al-Jazeera.


Indians in Copenhagen called for a “Tribute to Victims of Terrorism” at Gammeltorv on February 22 to protest terrorism in the Kashmir region. “We gathered here in the wake of the attack on Indian people in Kashmir and condemn what happened”, says Hermant Dubey, spokesperson for the group. He is from Indian heritage and moved to Denmark six years ago. “We are all human beings because more than forty families have been destroyed that day”, said Dubey. He said that we live in a connected world and that he finds it important to do something against terrorism.

This article is written for an audience in Denmark, for people from India and could be published in or in media outlets in the Kashmir region / India.