I’m Coming Home

Young Jewish people tells their Aliya story

Written by Shanie Barenboim

While many young Israelis decide to leave our country and re-locate to Europe, other Jews prefer to do the opposite way and make Aliyha. Meet Sarha-lee ,21 YO from Denmark who’s moving to Israel next winter :

Sarah-lee Tschernia is making Aliya to Israel (video by Shanie Barenboim)

The Jewish Community in Denmark is an officially recognized religious community with approximately 1,800 members. There is an estimated number of 6-7,000 Jews in Denmark of which most are living in Copenhagen and the immediate surroundings (Data from: Det Jødiske Samfund I Denmark).

Data from: Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics

This story is written for an audience in Israeli, and could be published on www.ynet.co.il