Black Lives Matter crosses the Atlantic

The activist group fights immigration centers and unjust police interactions with minorities in Denmark

By: Domenic Strazzabosco

The activist movement Black Lives Matter has transcended country borders, with protests and organizations now founded in many Western Europe countries.

Major cities including London, Berlin, and Paris have all seen crowds turn out either to stand in solidarity with American police brutality or to protest happenings in each respective country.

Bwalya Sørensen, was noticed by American activists but hesitated to begin the Danish chapter.  However, after visiting a migrant prison near Copenhagen, and leaving shocked at the conditions, she founded Black Lives Matter Denmark to effectively advocate for immigration reform.

“Why are there no white people. All the guards are white, and all the prisoners are black or brown” said Sørensen. “Why?”

The group combats unnecessarily high rates of police interactions with black people, addresses the living conditions of detention centers and prisons, and provides help to single women and mothers.

“If you really believe in what is right and do the work,” Sørensen said. “We wouldn’t keep working unless we had results.”