Denmark blows Australia away with wind power

By Erin Ewen

Photo supplied: Pexels

Denmark’s commitment to renewable energy is clear when compared to Australia.

In Denmark, windfarms produced over 40% of the total electricity consumption in 2018.

However, wind energy in Australia accounts for just 7.1% of Australia’s total electricity demand.

Wind energy is considered one of the most efficient sources of renewable energy.

It is even more sustainable than solar power in terms of its CO2 emissions and price.

One major factor holding Australia back from becoming a renewable energy powerhouse is profit.

Australia’s current resource and energy model produced over $250 billion AUD in 2018, being heavily fossil-fuel focussed.

However, “green energy is just as cheap… sustainable energy and wind farms create jobs,” said a spokesperson from the Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate.

Countries like Chile lead by example, successfully boosting their renewable energy by 18% in 2016.

As a wealthy western power, Australia’s presence is clearly lacking as a Danish Global Cooperation partner working towards green energy.

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