Copenhagen’s last film cinema hosts film noir festival

By Malakai Wade

The film projector at the Huset cinema is proudly displayed behind the rows of seats. Jack Stevenson said he decided to do this because people want to see the film projector in action. Photo by Malakai Wade

The cinema inside the Huset Culture House in Copenhagen hosted a film noir festival on Thursday 12 September. The theater is housed on the second floor of the building and can sit about 60 people. Outside in the lobby, guests can enjoy a coffee in the eclectic cafe.

Huset was started in the 1960s as an independant house of art, social gathering, and youth connection. Jack Stevenson, who is from Upstate New York but now lives full time in Copenhagen, runs the cinema in Huset. He boasted that it is the last cinema in Copenhagen to play 16 and 35 mm film. In the 90s, Stevenson traveled through Europe visiting small film theaters with his 16 mm films and hosting shows, finally landing at the Huset in 2004.

The Huset cinema also hosts a children’s film club as well as other events similar to the film noir festival.

The film noir festival is a great way for locals to gather and experience films from around Europe that they wouldn’t be able to see otherwise. Stevenson rents the film reels from collectors in Germany and Sweden as well as pulling from his own collection. As put by Stevenson: 

“All films should be watched in a dark room with strangers.”

A corner of the cafe outside the cinema. Stevenson collected many of the art pieces, but also accepted some as gifts from Huset visitors. The dolls hanging from the ceiling are vintage Ken and Barbie dolls. Photo by Malakai Wade