Fashion fights climate change in Copenhagen

By Erin Ewen

Wasteland Copenhagen offers a plethora of pre-loved clothes to its environmentally conscious customers.
Photo: Hanzhang Xu

Copenhagen’s vintage revival is more than just a fashion trend.

Buying pre-loved clothing does more for fighting climate change than you would think.

If everyone bought one used clothing item instead of new, 2.6 million tonnes of CO2 would be saved annually.

That’s equal to taking half a million cars off the road for a year.
Vintage and used clothing stores have become a staple for shopping in Copenhagen.

Helena Rebensdorff, of Wasteland Copenhagen, a popular vintage and used fashion outlet, said: “I think within the last couple of years the vintage fashion scene in Copenhagen has gotten a lot stronger. It seems like it’s gained a lot more traction in recent years with younger people.” 

Rebensdorff suggests the rise in “consciousness about environmental issues,” is promoting young people to seek sustainable fashion.

“We’ve got to not consume so much shit…” Helena Rebensdorff.
Photo: Hanzhang Xu

“It has been really present in public discourse that we’ve got to not consume so much shit…this is a way to alleviate some of the guilt you have from going to H&M,” said Rebensdorff.

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