Fashion Gone Sustainable

By: Hana Genena

Changing the fashion industry into not only fashionable graphic T-shirts, but ones that are made with organic cotton bought from farmers at developing countries.  

23 Years of studying fashion sourcing and production have brought to Johan Graffner the founder and CEO of Dedicated an attention to the devastating environmental effects of the textile industry. 

“Conventional cotton farming is not only a threat to the environment but it has also been threatening cotton farmers for almost the last 30 years.” Said Graffner. 

Using organic cotton requires 91% less usage of water, 46% less CO2 emissions and no toxic chemicals are used in the production. Dedicated is partnered up with Fairtrade Certified Cotton and uses recycled or natural fibres. 

Dedicated has been using sustainable production since 2015 now, “It gives our company an important purpose and provides an alternative for those who want to dress fashionably but environmental.” Said Graffner.