50 people march in Copenhagen for Catalonia’s independence

Pro-independence Catalans living in Denmark claim for independence in Catalonia’s National Day

By Malena Ramajo

While in Barcelona was held another massive demonstration to support independence, Catalans living abroad didn’t want to miss it and organised a small-scaled one in Copenhagen.

Around 50 people reunited in the afternoon covered in the independence Catalan flag and wearing bandanas with the motto “Self-determination is a right, not a crime.” They read a letter in the name of the politicians that are in prison and at 17:14 started a march on the streets singing chants and slogans.

People gather to listen the speech previous to the march start

Although they were mostly Catalans, some Danes also joined. Gitte is a Dane that has known Catalan’s society and culture for a long time and now is committed to Catalan independence.  

The protesters pose for a picture holding their motto

The Catalan independence community in Denmark is connected by two Facebook groups, ANC Denmark and CDR København , representatives of the bigger associations based in Catalonia. Lorena, head of the first group explains that this is the second year they celebrate this event, but that in 2018 there were more assistants.

This story is written for an audience in Spain and could be published on Ara.cat