Fresh batch of bakeries in Copenhagen

Modern bakeries have emerged in the city renewing traditional Danish pastries

By Malena Ramajo

The most famous bakery in Copenhagen is Skt Peders Bageri. Situated in a small street in the city centre can boast of being more than 350 years old.

It’s a traditional place, where all the cinnamon rolls, croissants and buns are piled in disorder. The baker, Torben Sørensen , explains that they “produce everything from scratch, without any prepared dough.”

Their “Wednesday cinnamon” rolls are its best-seller. Either with glace or sugar thousands of them are bought every week.

Facing this long-standing place, in the last year have emerged in the city some modern bakeries. Juno, Hart Bageri, Brøed are already familiar names for the locals, although they scarcely are one or two years old.

Here all the pastries are perfectly organized, and they go beyond the classical ones. It is possible to taste cardamom or pistachio rolls and lemon stuffed croissants. Diego is one of the bakers, and he believes that “using seasonal quality products” is the key of their success.

This story is written for an audience in Spain and could be published on El Comidista